10 Oct 2018

Fracap for End Clothing

Fracap for End Clothing

We joined creative forces with END to carry out a mission inspired by the green landscape, it is the model "EVERGREEN" M120 Heronimo Boots with which we decided to celebrate nature together with the english brand.
This pair of boots are made to count the wonders of the forest and thus generate awareness about climate change. In a few words, with this creation we want to remember the threat that exists in our green landscapes to raise sensitivity. "A product made with social responsibility, the collaboration highlights sustainable consumption and its effect on one of the most important resources in the world," says END. 

The color "Green Abete", the soft suede and the comfort of the Vibram sole (to combat the humidity of the land) and the passion for detail are the protagonists of the End + Fracap collaboration made to the measure of the mountains and the dexterity of everyday life. Fracap "EVERGREEN" M120 Heronimo Boot available since September 2017.

Mail us at my@fracap.it if you want more details about the style.