10 Oct 2018

Benjamin Hardman for Fracap

Benjamin Hardman for Fracap

There are talents that we must follow one of them is Benjamin Hardman, an Australian photographer who lives in Iceland where he develops an exceptional job.

What does Hardman do? He shows the seasonal change of Iceland through its shutter combining digital media with fixed aesthetic principles.
The white landscapes formed by glaciers and small mountains contrasted with deserts of sand and lava were what inspired us to make a special M130 model for Benjamin.
This pair of boots are configured to stand out and its design is based on comfort, quality and black elegance. Upper part made of Italian leather in black tone, black midsole, Ripple Black sole, black eyelets and Flat Black laces are the elements that are part of Magnifico Boots M130 inspired by Benjamin Hardman.

If you want to purchase this style please mail us at my@fracap.it

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